Student Life from Four to Six

November 18, 2019

A student’s school day is often jam-packed with classes, but what happens when school days are done?  For many students, their 4-6 PM schedule is just as full but with a different kind of activity. Spyglass asked several students about life after school.

Katie Whittle

Tessie J. ‘24 does sewing on Tuesdays right after school. She “loves to craft” and has “grown up sewing.” She has sewn everything from swimsuits to backpacks.

Ashley Z. ‘24 plays volleyball. When she first started playing the sport, she did not like it, and she thought she was horrible. But she started to enjoy it because of the “amazing community and friends [she] made.”

Roshi Shafiiha

Daria H. ’24 swims after school. “I have good friends at swim, and I love hanging out with them. I keep on doing swim because it is good exercise and it challenges me,” she enthused.

Jose Baldonado

Chloë Q. ’24 says dance is a “great way to just release all of [her] emotions and cleanse [her] mind.”

Sabina P. and Emery F.

The Westridge soccer A team has plenty of fun during half time and even more fun during the game. The Westridge A team practices from 3:30 to 5:00 afternoons every day. Natalie A. ‘24 says the best part is “getting to play soccer with [her] friends.”

Sabina P.

Sasha S. ‘24, a nature lover, has a deep connection with the “very aesthetic dead bush.”  She visits it almost every Thursday on her walk to the local farmers’ market.

Sabina P.

Bellamy S. ‘24, Eliza L. ‘25, and Kaya I. ‘24 hang out in aftercare. Aftercare provides a quiet place to complete homework and spend some time with friends.  Snack is often a highlight. Emery F. ‘24’s favorite part of aftercare “is the food [they] make.”

Nicole Dalton and Khamani Griffin

The Westridge Middle School debate team practices every Monday after school, but students practice independently throughout the week to prepare for tournaments.