The Italian Experience:

Music, Art, and Food (Orchestra Tour)

Conductor: Michael Powers, 1st Violins: Abby Y., ’20 (Principal), Gaby L., ’20, and Gigi T., ’22, 2nd Violins: Claire S., ’22 (Principal) and Simone O., ’22, Violas: McKenna B., ’21, Cellos: Zellie O., ’19 (Principal), Hanna G., ’21, Anya R., ’21, and Sophie P., ’21, Flutes: Shirlynn C., ’21 (Principal), Izzy G., ’20, Katrina W., ’21, Stella B., ’21, Edna H., ’22, Oboes: Emily W., ’21 (Principal), Sarah H., ’22, Piano: Melissa B., ’19
By McKenna B.
April 23, 2019

With the ultimate goal “to create a cultural exchange and educational experience through music and art,” conductor Michael Powers led members of Westridge’s Chamber Orchestra on a week-long tour of Rome and Florence. In Rome, students went to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Forum, the Uffizi museum, and attended the Opera. In between seeing major sites, students were given time to wander the city and eat authentic Italian food.

The focus of the Interim was for the orchestra to share its music with various communities across Italy. “Italy was truly a once in a lifetime experience, especially because it was my first time traveling with an orchestra. It was cool being able to play in a different country with a different culture,” said soloist Abby Y., ’20.

The Orchestra performed a variety of pieces, including Vivaldi’s Concerto Grosso and excerpts from La La Land, which highlighted the talents of various members of our orchestra with solos performed by Abby Y., ’20, Gaby L., ’20, Melissa B., ’19, Zellie O., ’19, and Claire S., ’22. Westridge Chamber Orchestra was provided the unique opportunity to collaborate with three talented musicians, the Aiello brothers, in their two performances in Rome, and had one additional performance in Florence.