A Glance at Sticker Culture on Campus 

October 1, 2019

Hadley P. ’21 said, “I like the Chick-fil-A sticker, because I like Chick-fil-A and the sticker looks cool.”

"I like the catbus sticker the most because Totoro was one of my favorite movies as a kid and it makes me feel nostalgic," said Nica K. ’21.

Natalie C. ’21 said, “It’s really hard to choose a favorite sticker because each one has sentimental value. I like my stickers to almost represent my personality. If I had to choose, I think my favorite sticker would be my Plaza de Toros sticker I bought in Spain. While I didn’t actually go see a bullfight, the sticker reminds me of the great memories I made in Spain.”

“The ‘It’s Political’ sticker is definitely something that people always laugh and ask about the most,” said Leily R. ’21.

Charlotte Z. ’22 said, “I love Japanese stuff in general, and that’s what inspired me to get the Gudetama sticker. It’s funny and cute, and the laziness of him makes me laugh.”

“I actually bought most of the stickers at a good deal in a pack of 100 from Amazon,” said Ava F. ’21.

Katharine L. ’22 said, “The debate tiger sticker helps me cover the large dent caused by a large chair.”

Caroline K. ’22 said, “My friend’s mom recently opened a coding school. Her company’s sticker isn’t a trendy brand name everyone’s heard of, but it’s a small business.”

Mackenzie B. ’20 said, “I got the Redondo Beach sticker in Coronado Island, and it just so happens to match my water bottle as well.”

“I got the ‘Celebrate Diversity’ sticker and the ‘Live Rustic’ sticker in class for getting two As on Dr. Busch’s math tests last year,” said Gracie B. ’20.

“The sarcasm sticker is definitely my favorite because it’s very relatable,” said Emma T. ’23.

Grace N. ’23 said, “The Dylan O’ Brien sticker is my favorite because he is one of my favorite actors."

“My friend gave me the San Francisco sticker,” said Frankie B. ’23.

Shuli W. ’22 said, “I used to live in Oakland, and so I love the Oaklandish sticker because it reminds me of it.”