Irish Advisory Brings a Pot of Gold

to the Eighth Graders

Eight Graders celebrate celebrate St. Patrick's Day in MUDD.

Hailey T.
By Hanna W. & Hailey T.
April 23, 2019

Lining the narrow walkway to Mudd, cloth-covered tables were piled high with green bagels, Lucky Charms cereal, and festive Irish-themed sweets. Green streamers and balloons rained down upon the eighth graders as they bobbed their heads to traditional Irish music blasting from the speakers. On March 15, Middle School history teacher Jennifer Irish and her advisory, the Lucky Charms, surprised the eighth grade advisories with a St. Patrick's Day celebration during the regularly scheduled Social Emotional Learning block. Along with the treats, the Lucky Charms took the celebration further with a special performance from Papa Gooch and Soap L.’s, ’23, new dance.


At first, Ms. Irish and the Lucky Charms planned to prank the eighth graders. Instead of a prank, it turned out to be a surprise party. “Personally, I thought a prank would have been more fun, but the party ended up to be a blast and a huge success,” explained Dahlia K., ’23. According to Ms. Irish, her advisees worked together as a whole to plan and coordinate the party. “Sometimes it's hard to get everyone to participate, but everyone contributed,” she stated.


All of the Lucky Charms’ hard work did not go unnoticed, as the eighth graders thoroughly appreciated all the time and effort it took into planning and executing the event. “I liked how there was a lot of food, and it was nice for them to throw a party on that specific week because we had a lot going on with essays and tests, so this made us take a break and forget the stress we had,” Frances L., ’23, added.