Seniors Represent Westridge

on 2019 Rose Court

Lauren B., '19, (left) and Micaela M., '19, (right) at the inauguration to the Rose Court.
By Jackie Y.
November 1, 2018

On October 1, two Westridge seniors, Lauren B. ‘19 and Micaela M. ‘19, were selected for the 2019 Royal Court. “It feels so gratifying, and to know that you are part of an organization that is filled with volunteers running it and dedicating their time to it is amazing,” Micaela M. ‘19 said after being chosen. In the months to follow, both Lauren and Micaela will serve as princesses and represent Pasadena youth. They will attend over 100 events, including the famous 129th Rose Parade. “I love having the chance to represent the Tournament of Roses and meet people of all ages.” Lauren B. ‘19 said, excited about the thought of community outreach. The last time Westridge students were chosen for the Royal Court was 2015. Upcoming editions of Spyglass will continue to feature updates on Lauren and Micaela’s new roles as Rose Court princesses.