Seventh Grade Presents in the Power of One Project

Hannah L., '19
Students present at the Power of One showcase. 
By Nitya C. 
December 17, 2018

Westridge encourages and empowers young women and girls to make a difference. Westridge’s motto, “Lives of impact begin here” encompasses this ideal. Years ago, the seventh grade cultural studies team, Mr. Cross and Ms. Bizar introduced the Power of One, a project that encourages students to put the school’s motto into action.

The Power of One project helps students learn about upstanders who create change in their communities. Students choose an adult upstander in their community who has worked to improve their community. After interviewing and learning about their chosen upstanders’ work, students create a 3D, never-before-seen representation of their upstander’s work.

The seventh grade students presented their Power of One projects on November 29th from 3:30-5:00 in Mudd. Many chosen upstanders, students, parents, and teachers attended this event to support them. The public display is also planned carefully to encourage students to meet new people and learn about other upstanders. Kaya I., ’24 chose an upstander named Chris Robert who works in public affairs. Kaya remarked, “My take away from this project was the difference one person can make. Before I met Chris, I didn’t know how important her work was, and Power of One helped me understand the importance of her job a lot better than before.”


Mr. Cross and Ms. Bizar hope to help seventh graders recognize the change one person can make and how students themselves can too. “I’ve seen this project ignite a light of service they didn’t know was there before,” remarked Ms. Bizar. The seventh grade team hopes to not only educate students about change happening in their communities, but also to learn about the roles they can play in creating it.