Papa Gooch Performs to Middle School Audience

Papa Gooch stuns the Middle School. 
Lila K. 
By Lila K. 
December 17, 2018

The Papa Gooch band made its long-awaited reappearance on October 26, 2018. The original song, “Papa Gooch,” was performed alongside “I Found A Camel in Your Ear,” a newly released song. Special guest, Sophia L. ’23 also danced to “Black Suit” by Super Junior and “DNA” by BTS.


Each of the Papa Gooch members had their fair share of jitters when performing. Sophia felt prepared, saying, “I spent one hour practicing the choreography I was going to perform everyday. I was really nervous but still confident in my dancing.”


The audience didn’t seem to notice the jitters and heartily applauded the performance. Middle School Dean of Students, Ms. Van Zalingen said, “I think one of the things I love most about Westridge students is their willingness to put themselves out there, take risks, act silly, and trust that they are in a supportive community that will celebrate them for being courageous enough to dare to be different.” She says she would definitely attend the next performance. Fellow eighth grader,  Lana F. ’23 also shared Ms. Van Zalingen’s enthusiasm. “Papa Gooch is a great thing that brought people together. They seemed really into the performance, making it more enjoyable to watch. I would one hundred percent go again.”


Choreography, preparation, and collaboration make Papa Gooch what it is today. It started off as just a dance Kaavya V. ’23, creator of Papa Gooch, created at home. Papa Gooch popped into her head while practicing it, and a tune formed. She soon recruited Lily G. ’23 as Madame Goochette, Atalanta C. ’23 as Grandfather Gooch, and Veronica C. ’23 as Grandma Gooch. They wrote lyrics, choreographed, and practiced whenever they could, finally making their debut last year.  Although their talents are enthusiastically received, the band has yet to announce its next performance, but if the fans have anything to say about it, Papa Gooch won’t wait another year to delight audiences.