Farewell Pam Garcia

By Sophia H-K
May 20, 2019

Pam Garcia has been working in the Westridge library since 1995, and after 24 long years, she will be retiring from the Westridge faculty. Throughout these years, Garcia has been a central part of the library’s many changes, from the move from card catalogs to computers and the more recent remodeling of the space. She remembers the long process of converting those catalogs and smiled.


“We didn’t even have computers for students to use... I think we had two in our office because we were at the point of converting from a card catalog to the online catalog. That took three years for the cataloger to convert all those cards for every record for every book. So it’s changed a lot.”  


During her time at Westridge, she remembers the people she’s worked with over the years and is thankful for the many friendships she’s made.


“Lots of good memories, lot’s of friends I’ve made over the years, teachers and students who I still keep in touch with.”


Garcia is looking forward to retirement and will be busy researching her family history. She also plans to spend more time gardening, visiting her son in Alaska, and enjoying time with her friends. She will be missed by the Westridge community, but we’re grateful for her many years of service.