Middle School Club Celebrates Tea, Snacks, and Classics

Eliza W.

Club members devouring favorite books and snacks, Eva K. ‘24, Olivia C. ‘24, Avery B. ‘24 (left), Amanda G. ‘25, Luciana P. ‘25 (center), Annabelle R. ‘24 (right)

November 18, 2019

A new middle school club has been recently been added to Westridge, and with over 25 members, the Old Ladies Tea and Book Club is poised to rival to Water Warriors—at least in number. Club founders Annabelle R. ’24 and Kiera S. ’24  were inspired by their mutual love of reading. When asked why they started the club, Annabelle replied, “We both liked books and tea.”

A typical club meeting includes hot tea, delicious snacks, and, of course, reading classics or any book of choice. As with any large club, a conflict seemed unavoidable. While some wanted quiet time to read books, which is rare in a busy middle schooler’s life, others were mostly interested in the free food. One student who asked to remain anonymous admitted, “I joined because I wanted to eat.” 

Still, others are committed to the spirit of the club’s founding:  “It’s like tea and books, two of my favorite things combined,” said Sylvie S. ’24. While many agree and hope to just read and drink tea, a large amount of the group doesn’t. This divide in the participants has made it difficult for the two club heads and created a chaotic atmosphere at club time. “We had so many people,” stated Annabelle R. ‘24.

This issue is for sure something that should be further discussed as more student-led clubs are created, but the most important part of any club is joining together with people who share interests and passions—in this case, tea, snacks, and a good book.