October Editor's Note

October 1, 2018

Welcome to Spyglass 2019-2020. It has been one year since we went fully online, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Scared about losing the charm and history of journalism in print, I wasn’t all that excited about the change despite the organizational and logistical benefits. But after seeing a full year of articles, videos, and photos, I think the change was worth it. Spyglass has become more accessible with the shift. I have loved watching new teachers and students engage with our paper. To watch our community build an active voice in journalism has been encouraging for someone like me who has wanted engagement like this for a long time. So please, if you have any thoughts about what we’ve written (or perhaps haven’t written) happy or not, send us a note.


Last year we established Spyglass as an opportunity to build community, and we hope that permeates in stories we cover—and we how cover them. This year we have more freshmen rookie staff than ever before and boy, are they killing it. It is exciting to watch as they discover journalism and find their groove. The future of Spyglass is bright. 


Every year requires reorganizing leadership and finding a new flow. While it hasn’t been easy, the Spyglass 2019-20 staff is strong and promising. Although technically, the elective class is made up of 12 enrolled students, the Spyglass staff numbers 23. That staff includes designers, artists, website managers, guest columnists, copy editors, and photographers.  And we’re growing. Every year, individuals approach us with new ideas and ways they can bring their talents to support the paper’s mission. If you want to be a part of Spyglass in any capacity, simply reach out.


This summer, Zaynab E., Design Team Leader, landed an internship because of her work with Spyglass—and she isn’t even enrolled in the class. Three experienced staffers attended summer courses at The School of The New York Times. Our small but mighty paper has been creating enriching opportunities across the board. 


This year we took the extra step to make Spyglass compatible for mobile. Although there are a few kinks to iron out, you can now read Spyglass on the go with the convenience and ease of mobile viewing. 


As a youth-powered publication, we hope to share in and amplify the power of young voices and offer thoughts and concerns of a forward-looking generation. In this issue, one thing we tackle is the Global Climate Strike, which shows how important and critical the voices of youth are today. In a world of fast-paced news, often fake, our independent journalism aims to be candid and honest with an aim toward supporting the Westridge community’s needs and civic engagement. We hope you enjoy this first issue and continue to read as the year unfolds.