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Elisa D.

Halloween’s long history as a rare time of socially acceptable cross-dressing and gender non-conformity remains relevant in 2018. In California, the now-defunct Municipal Code 56.19 criminalized cross-dressing in 1898. It was one of a pack of laws targeting the culture and also social activities of the LGBT+ community. 56.19 was widely defied by drag queens, drag kings, and transgender people — especially in the Halloween tradition of wild street parties in West Hollywood. Though Westridge students may not be so overt, some continue the tradition of Halloween as a joyous expression of nontraditional gender identities.

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November 1 • By Sophia H.
November 1 • By Emerson L.
November 1 • By Maya L. & Emily S.
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 Regina Wei in China, practicing yoga.
November 1 • By Gracie S. and Isabella W.
Elisa D.
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(left) Mary Tuck, (right) Gary Baldwin
November 1 • By Olivia Q.

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Ronni H.

Costume judges (from left) Annie L., Quyen M., Sophie M., Lauren B.

November 1 • By Tiffany C.
November 1 • By Tiffany C.
Film cover of award-winning documentary, A Plastic Ocean, previewed at Westridge School on September 24.
Ronni H.

Members of the ASB cabinet during their weekly meeting.

November 1 • By Isabella W.
November 1 • By McKenna B.
November 1 • Jackie Y.

Lauren B., '19, (left) and Micaela M., '19, (right) at the inauguration to the Rose Court.


November 1 • By Ronni H.
November 1 • By Sophia K and Gracie S
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Melanie Horn

Varsity team celebrating after a point during their match on October 9th.


(top left) Caroline L, '21, during a tennis match. (top right) Krystal R., '20, during the first round CIF volleyball match. (bottom left) Abbey P., '20, during the cross country Mt. Sac Invitational. (bottom right) Christine B., '20, during a golf match.

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November 1 • By Caroline L.
November 1 • By Ronni H. and Jacqueline Y.