November's Editor's Note

By Ronni H.
November 1, 2018

The question plaguing my mind these days is: How do we apply honesty to improve our world? In a time of hate and division, I value and admire the pursuit of journalistic integrity with the intent to spread the truth and to use stories to encourage empathy. I find nothing more fitting than to pursue this endeavor on our Westridge campus. It’s always baffled me that within our community - full of passionate activists, outspoken individuals, painstakingly ambitious and incurably hungry people - that our school’s newspaper wasn’t a prominent part of campus culture. Our goal is to change that.

Spyglass 2.0, as it’s unofficially referred to, is the collaborative efforts of thirty individuals from all around our campus.  Together, we’ve built a community through our journalistic pursuit, and it’s been our goal to use journalism as a way to build community on campus. The new Spyglass staff has been working for months on our newspaper’s makeover, and we’ve decided to save some trees along the way. While we will all miss smudging our fingers with the ink from print newspapers, the multimedia storytelling that accompanies an online platform will further our mission of building community. That’s right - we are all online. We strive to make this website a place for every single person in the Westridge community to feel represented and to connect to those who may seem distant on our campus. We believe that our effort to bring the Westridge community closer together will help foster the best possible version of Westridge.

We want you to be in the know about everything Westridge related and beyond. From sports games to theater productions, from staff to students, from protests to fundraising activities, we want Spyglass to be a space for you - so we invite you to get involved! Contact us about anything. Do you have an idea for an article? An op-ed you’d like to contribute? Have we made a mistake? Let us know how we can improve. If we want to be a community, we have to start communicating - communicating about the big things and the little things.  Spyglass is Westridge’s student-run newspaper, but it isn’t just for students, and it isn’t just for some students. Journalism is important no matter what your political inclination is; we are storytellers and promoters of honesty. I want us to discuss the controversial things and have all voices be heard because if we don’t create a space for that, how are we ever going to shatter ignorance and build a genuine and authentic sense of community? I want your voice to be heard, so together we can build our Westridge community.