New Middle School Club Helps Homeless

By Hailey T.
November 1, 2018

Inspired by the popular and proactive Water Warriors, Keaton L. ‘24 and Lily Blue S. ’24 have decided to no longer be bystanders and create a club based off a trending world issue: homelessness. Heart for the Homeless, a brand new, student-led club, is already making change for the homeless community. In fact, they’re currently preparing donation boxes filled with clothing, books, and toys.

According to “Pasadena Partnership,” Pasadena is host to 677 people experiencing homelessness, with 434 being children. Since Halloween is right around the corner, they, along with a few high schoolers, are taking donations of Halloween costumes for the kids at Union Station, since it’s right around the corner. Although the club is student-run, it’s not amateur, as Keaton and Lily Blue have plenty of experience with volunteering, such as serving meals to the less fortunate through their local church. The club is still in its infancy, so it’s very flexible and open to advice and suggestions. Their meetings take place in RH3 during club time, so if you’re interested in working on a local issue and changing the lives of hundreds, they invite you to consider donating or checking out Heart for the Homeless.