Farewell Georgette Awad 

Middle School Spyglass 
By Tiffany C. 
May 20, 2019

Since 1999, Georgette Awad has played an instrumental role in Westridge’s Lower School, teaching the sixth grade math and social science programs. After 20 years of dedication to the Westridge community, she plans to retire at the end of the 2019 school year.


Prior to joining Westridge in the fall of 1999, Mrs. Awad taught in elementary schools in Atlanta and Houston.  Mrs. Awad believes Westridge especially differs from many other local schools. “Teaching the lower school is actually so nice here at Westridge because we all do have the same philosophy that we want to teach to the whole child.”


She also reflected on the fond memories she shared with her students. “I'm going to miss the interaction between the students when they come through the door and their smiles. And the different looks on their faces that I know how I need to help them that day. I am going to miss their laughter,” Mrs. Awad said, teary-eyed.


Although Mrs. Awad looks forward to retiring, she will also dearly miss the faculty members she has grown quite close with during her years at Westridge. “I am going to miss the time with my colleagues and the staff. Some of my dearest friends here are Maria and Anthony. I enjoy just the interaction with the people here, the community, and then seeing all of you girls growing up and seeing how you change.”


Mrs. Awad looks forward to the next chapter of her life: retirement. “I’m looking forward to enjoying just having a lot more freedom without structure. I also want to find another way to give back because Westridge has been a way that I give for others,” she explained.


After 20 years of dedication to Westridge, Mrs. Awad and her contribution to the Westridge community will be remembered.  Her experience at Westridge has significantly impacted her students, colleagues, and herself. Mrs. Awad revealed, “The kind of impact Westridge has made on me is tremendous. I have become a better person and a lot more patient. … I've really enjoyed the girls. I mean, you think as a teacher you teach the students, but really the students teach you, and partnering with parents to help raise their children has really been such an honor for me.”