LA Art: The Big Picture

Olivia L.'22 admiring a piece of art.  

Sarah Y.
By Olivia Q.
April 23, 2019

During interim Week, 16 Westridge students (13 of whom were freshmen) traversed the streets of LA to explore the largest expanding art scene in Southern California. “[LA Art] is an opportunity for students to experience contemporary art in Los Angeles and architecture and to get a better understanding of the local landscape of art in Los Angeles,” said David Prince, an LA Art coordinator and famed Upper School Art & STEAMWork Design Studio Coordinator. In this sense, students visited all sorts of places involving art. That included private art collectors, art galleries, artist studios, and world-renowned museums like MOCA, LACMA, and the Hammer Museum.

One of the highlights for those who attended LA Art was exposure to the incredible art contributions of women. “[LA Art] has been great, said Sarah Y., ’22, laughing. “This lady, Ms. Greensburg, had been collecting all this art around her house for years, and it was really cool to see all the different types, especially because she was basically collecting all women’s art, which is really cool.”

For others, LA Art offered them a chance to see more of Los Angeles. “LA Art is really fun. We get to see a lot of different galleries and museums that I probably wouldn’t see on my own, so it’s kind of making me realize how large the art community is,” said Grace G., ’22. “It was definitely one of my top three choices.”

All in all, it wasn’t solely the art that made LA Art a fun experience. It was the people with whom you saw the art. Because of this, the last day of LA Art was sad for most. For Amelia H., ’22, although she was happy her spring break was beginning, she also expressed sadness because the trip, as she described it, was “a good bonding experience.” Sarah Y., ’22, echoed Amelia’s sentiment. “I’m gonna miss this. I’m gonna miss hanging out with this group of people.”