Halloween Parade Highlights

(left) Valerie Trimarchi, (middle) Zellie O., and (right) Kelly Koch

Ronni H.
By Tiffany C.
November 1, 2018

Voices are raised in a deafening crescendo as students' excited chattering surges through the gym. A multicolored sea of students, teachers and parents dressed in Halloween costumes fill the gym with energy as Monster Mash and Thriller conduct the parade. Each year during the Westridge Halloween parade, students create a Halloween scene using a variety of mediums dressed in the scariest, most inventive, and most hilarious costumes. Students at Westridge from 4th to 12th grade congregate in the gym to proudly display their costume creations.


The judges this year were members of the ASB cabinet, including Quyen M., Lauren B., Annie L., Paloma S., and Sophie M. The categories for judging were: Funniest Costume, Scariest Costume, Most Creative Costume, Best Group, and Best Faculty/Staff.

Funniest Costume: Road Work Ahead . . . I sure hope it does

Scariest Costume: Twins from the Shining

Most Creative Costume: Slinky Dog

Best Group Costume: The Lorax

Best Faculty/Staff: Toy Story

Senior Costume: 101 Dalmations & Cruella Deville