Prosequor Alis, I pursue with wings

Ms. Heydorff
By Adrian C.
April 23, 2019

A master of pursuing her passions, Ms. Heydorff handles two jobs and a master program. As an active service member, a school administrator, and a masters student, Ms. Heydorff is no stranger to mottos. One of the may mottos of the U.S. Air Force, Prosequor Alis, meaning “pursue your dreams” in Latin, was a favorite because of its simple and powerful meaning. As someone who does have wings and uses them well, Ms.Heydorff is the prime example of being unintentionally awesome.


Ms. Heydorff, a Pasadena native, started her education as a student at Chandler. Then when it came time for college, she went to The Illinois Institute of Technology with a scholarship for volleyball. There she studied civil engineering but later realized that the Midwest and civil engineering were not her calling. She then moved back to California and began reevaluating her life while working as a volleyball coach at La Salle High School, in addition to taking a few courses at Pasadena City College. Then 9/11 shook her world. After the 9/11 attacks, Ms. Heydorff decided that her time was “better spent serving America than sitting around deciding what to do”, so she joined the Air Force.

As a member of the U.S. Air Force, Ms. Heydorff moved around the world, going to Texas and Arizona for training then to her first base in New Mexico, then to South Korea, and then Germany.  While stationed in Germany, she also went to Turkey and Iraq. When she finally returned home, she decided that she needed a break from traveling and decided to settle down in California. Though she did not leave the military, she chose a much calmer post at the Air Force Reserves in Moreno Valley where she finished her enlistment as the Technical Sergeant at March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley.  

Ms. Heydorff decided that she was ready to go back to a calmer schedule. After a job at CATZ, Ms. Heydorff was hired at Westridge as an assistant to the middle school and later as a registrar. Eventually she was promoted to Dean of Student Life for Lower and Middle school. In her new position, Ms.Heydorff manages the SPA conferences, lower and  middle school student events, and student councils reps.

Ms Heydorff is an important part of the Westridge community, especially the role she plays in the Lower and Middle school.   As she has reached her own professional goals, she is dedicated to helping Westridge girls do the same. “I chose Westridge ultimately, because of the students…. I had never been so impressed with the abilities of such strong, independent women, and I want to help find their wings and soar.”- Ms. Heydorff