The Green Bird Blows Audiences Away

Westridge Theatre 
By Madison R. 
May 20, 2019

After four long weeks of rehearsal, the eighth-grade play The Green Bird wowed audiences. The Green Bird tells the story of Princess Barbarina, played by Adrian C., ’23, and Prince Renzo, played by Hailey T., ’23, both Spyglass staffers, who set out to find their true parents after discovering they have been raised by another couple. The story tells a tale of perseverance and family and warms the hearts of its audience.

Each cast member did a wonderful job of creating a whole new world on stage. As opening night approached, many members were excited for the big night, yet nervous thoughts raced through their minds. Sophia L., ’23, expressed, “I am really nervous because this is the first play I’ve ever been in. I don’t want to mess anything up.” Although she felt jittery, Sophia could not wait to step on stage and act. She revealed, “I’ve always wanted to act. I am looking forward to performing in front of people. I want to make sure everyone is having a good time.”

The cast was not the only group working tirelessly. Roan F., ’23, a member of the costume crew, explained, “We had to make most of the costumes from scratch. My favorite costume to make was a custom made skirt out of just a piece of fabric without any pattern.” Mckenna D., ’23, shared, “Tech crew was a big commitment. I had to spend a lot of time on it.”

The play’s success relied not only on the cast, but also on the crew. All the costumes and makeup were beautiful, vibrant, and creative. In addition, the scenery helped make the play even better. The wonderfully painted castles were detailed and elegant. The crew’s hard work seeped out through every part of this play.

This play was a great success for The Green Bird cast and crew. Every cast member brought their own different style into the play. The narrator Calmon, Queen of Statues, played by Lana F., ’23, brought life and laughs to The Green Bird. Abigail L., ’23, who played Franceschina, and Cassiel T., ’23, who played the quirky Truffaldino, livened up the play. A talented actress, Maggie G., ’23, played the Green Bird, a character with very few lines, but her expressive performance captured the audience’s undivided attention.

Every cast member added their own personal twist to their characters, which made the play even better. The audience laughed out loud to every joke and teared up at the sad parts of the play. What a great way to end an amazing year for Westridge Theatre!