Student Profile: Hailey Yoshida, '22

Hailey Yoshida, '22, pitching during a softball game.

By Sophia H.
April 23, 2019

Late on a Thursday afternoon, the varsity softball team fought their way toward a 7-0 win against Providence.  


The inning began as pitcher Hailey Y., ’22, stepped to the plate and began her pitch. At the very last second, Hailey’s arm slowed, letting the ball glide from her fingertips. In a tenth of a second the batter had struck out, leaving the spectators furiously excited.


Hailey would go on to pitch a perfect game, becoming the first pitcher in two decades (and possibly Westridge history) to pitch a perfect game. With exactly 17 strikeouts in total, Hailey has been blazing through this spring season.


At six years old, Hailey began her softball career, and by eight she was pitching fastballs like a pro. She explained her original inspiration came from observation: “I started pitching when I was eight or so because I saw it on TV. I was like, ‘Hey, that looks cool.’ So I tried it and I liked it.” said Hailey.


During the summer she’ll be playing for the travel team Calle’s Hawaii, but on the current Westridge team, Hailey’s talent has been instrumental to its success.


Hailey spends most of her time playing softball, but when off the pitching mound, she watches her little sisters Chelsie and Catelyn’s softball games. She tries to get as much sleep as she can. When asked what she enjoys about pitching in particular, she responded with a smile:

“Well, I have a lot of fun doing it. I like the control that I have. It’s kind of like a mini game, because you’re playing with the batters,” she laughed.


Everyone should keep a lookout for the Westridge softball team’s new addition and her mad skills as she pitches her way through the softball season. Thursday the 25th the team will be playing Rio Hondo at home. Come cheer them on!