Footprints: An Ethnic and Historic Trip

of Downtown Los Angeles

Students gather around a Los Angeles Conservatory tour guide admiring Pershing Square.

Jackie Y.
By Jacqueline Y. and Bella W.
April 23, 2019

Footprints, an annual Interim trip in which students explore Los Angeles’ ethnic and diverse communities, always includes a healthy portion of culinary sampling. With Fang-Yu Hull, Ed Raines, and Dr. Edye Udell leading the program, the four-day trip serves as a cultural immersion into the heart of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Conservancy led students on a tour of downtown Los Angeles where students explored the historic architecture of Pershing Square and the Los Angeles Public Library. As interesting as LA architecture is, it’s tough to compete with LA’s diverse gastronomic delights.  

Students sampled food like tacos at Grand Central Market, where an array of food options and other commodities fill the brightly lit space. During the visit to Little Tokyo, ramen and sushi were also big hits, not to be outdone by steamed pork buns and garlic-infused green beans served up on the last day during the visit to Chinatown. However, it is hard to compete amazing architecture with amazing food. Luckily, the students didn’t have to make that choice. “It was a really eye-opening experience about the different cultures in LA, and we ate really awesome food!” said Ava A., ’21.