Film Fridays Debut

Elisa D.
October 1, 2019

On September 6, Westridge debuted Film Fridays, a series of new community film screenings, with a showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s timeless 1954 thriller Rear Window.


Film Fridays coordinator Lorri Deyer, also a Westridge ceramics and ninth grade history teacher, was inspired to create Film Fridays by a Time-Based Art class that included film screenings. Ms. Deyer remarked, “The girls just loved it. You guys are so savvy with imagery and you automatically get narrative.” Encouraged by the students’ love of the films, Ms. Deyer suggested that Westridge create a campus film event for the community.


To advertise Film Fridays, Ms. Deyer sent out emails, posted flyers around campus, and made a web page. The turnout included many family members, but only a small number of students attended. For now, only Upper School students are invited to the screening. Maya L. ’22, a Spyglass copy editor and creator of the Film Fridays logo, offered ideas as to why the majority of students didn’t attend. “Students probably didn’t show up because there wasn’t a lot of promotion for it. We got a few emails, but people weren’t really aware of it, or they had sports already planned.”


Ms. Deyer commented on the turnout. “It's been a good mix of the community: students, parents, faculty, and staff. It’s only been a few students so far, but it's growing.” Though many students did not attend, some students who showed up experienced an entertaining afternoon. “I chose to go because I love the movie they were showing. I also love film in general…I hope more people go, and it’s really fun to do,” said Bella H. ’23.


Film Fridays are not only an opportunity to watch movies, but also a way to get involved with the Westridge community. Ms. Deyer said, “I wanted to have the community involved because everybody loves films. It’s the one art form that everybody feels like they know.” She explained, “For me, it’s about coming together to share a beautiful film or a great story. Whether we laugh or cry or scream, it doesn’t matter. I just want to make art available to anyone on campus, in all forms.”

Hannah W.

Linda Peacore and Lorri Deyer explain Film Fridays to the audience