Eighth Grade Movie Night

Sabina P.

Natalie A. ’24 creatively opens a bag of popcorn with her teeth.

December 16, 2019

Eighth grade is not known for its lack of stress. On November 15, eighth graders had already had a math test and a Water Warrior fair that had taken months to prepare for.  On any given Friday, students are ready to head home to enjoy a well-deserved weekend, but on that Friday, students gathered in Mudd Pit and curled up on bean bags for the Eighth Grade Movie Night, but not before grabbing a generous snack supply of m&m’s, popcorn, and red vines.

“I thought it was going to be a very fun and chill way to relax with my friends,” Sasha S. ’24 said.  

(Left) The Snack table || (Center) Mudd Pit filled with students || (Right) Ahlik D. ’24 and Yoko P. ‘24

Sabina P.

Because most students had previously seen the movie High School Musical, the evening became a chance to break out into song and sometimes even dance.  The event became more about being together and general silliness than actually watching a movie.  “It was fun to make fun of the movie,” Natalie A. ’24 said, adding that she enjoyed re-watching it and knowing what was going to happen. 

The movie ended about a half-hour before the evening was over, leaving students to fend for their own entertainment.  It wasn’t too long before students a grade-wide game of “truth-or-dare,” or “Chicken,” was suggested, but in true Westridge style, each eighth grader found her own way relieve some of the energy and excitement spurned on by the abundance of candy and soda.

“Happy Family!” Natalie A. ’24 says loudly, as she smiles with Addie K. ’24 and Bellamy S. ’24

Sabina P.

Rachel K. ’24, a student council member said she predicted “pretty much exactly what happened” and added that overall she thought it was a success.