Two Sides of the Same Coin

Anirban (Bann) Roy, 52 

Immigrated from New Delhi, India

What are some big differences, um…ok, that’s a question where, where do I begin?

Ada N.

Anirban (Bann) Roy

December 16, 2019

Bann seems like a normal guy when I call him up. He immigrated from India at the age of 27. He really got to know the country. When I asked him about why he wanted to come to America, he said, “Well, um... technically the answer is to pursue higher education, but I came here to see the country, to experience the country.” 

“I knew far, far more than an average person knew about this country,” Bann states. 

Growing up in India, Bann learned a lot about the U.S. Bann knew things from the longest river to the first state. Because he knew so much about America, his transition wasn’t as hard. 

  “What are some big differences about India and the U.S.?” I inquired.

Bann noted that America was a more diverse country. Huh. When I think of diversity, I think of races other than my own. I never stopped to consider that my race can add diversity as well. Now I consider America’s diversity as a mix of races other than just the ones I am not.

Second, he noted that at the time of his departure, India was less violent. I thought India was a more violent location. I guess that’s because it was a less privileged country in some parts and in those parts, there can be chaos. But, according to Bann, India was much less violent.

I guess Bann made me realize that other countries are defined by the people in them, not just a google search. Bann really got to know India and I’m glad he did or else I wouldn’t have.