Why She Got Here

Immigrated from El Salvador

“I love this country, the people.”

Clementine L.


December 16, 2019

Evelyn was very close to her older sister whom she described as important “as a mother”. Her sister had been living in America and when her husband died, she had two children and a full-time job. Evelyn wanted to come help her sister’s family and further her own education to become a teacher. But the journey from her home country of El Salvador would take a month.

On her journey to the US she remembers hours spent on crowded buses and trains. Evelyn also had trouble knowing who to trust. She says, “Who do you know to trust, they could just leave you,” Evelyn was traveling on a train when she learned of an officer who was checking papers. Having no VISA, she was scared that if the officer caught her, she would be sent back to her home country. The fear rattled her bones as she traveled farther down the train trying to stay ahead of the officer. Suddenly she was at the second to last car and smelled the food creeping from under the door and realized the last compartment was the food cabin. Evelyn stepped into the next car, to find the chief. Evelyn had no other option but to trust this woman. Who as Evelyn describes turned out to be “really nice lady, she saw that we were scared and hid us in the cabinet and the police left.” 

Once Evelyn arrived in America, she was welcomed and accepted by many. She had positive interactions with almost everyone she met and was supported in the homes that she worked, “I love this country, the people. I am very lucky to work with all the kids and people.” Evelyn describes her journey as being scary and tense but once she arrived, she was cordially welcomed. However, she remarks on how times have changed, and she would not recommend or support any one to come the way she did.