Ralston Grant

“The only reason to move was her of course.”

Erin L.

Ralson Grant

December 16, 2019

Ralston Grant is my grandfather. He has a history of traveling for his band, the Twinkle Brothers, so settling down in 1985 was a big difference to him. Being originally from Falmouth Jamaica, it was a big transition from beautiful, clear, vast oceans to buildings everywhere. The only reason he moved to the United States was because of my grandma, Della Grant. They had done a series of songs and tours together and were slowly falling in love.

The only reason he was able to be at peace with leaving his family and homeland was the fact that he was able to achieve his dream, being able to share his gift of music with anyone willing to listen. He discovered his love of music when he sang in the choir as a young child.

“The best part was doing it with my brother,” he says.

He and his brother Norman were the leaders of the Twinkle Brothers when the Rastafari band was still together. They were very close and grew closer when they started the band in 1962. The Twinkle Brothers went on a couple of tours and made songs featuring artist such as my grandma. He says meeting her was the real start of his migration to America.