72 Hours Was All I Needed

Jeppe Ladekarl

Immigrated from Denmark

“There was more adventure in America, so much more to see and explore.”

Sarah L.

Jeppe Ladekarl

December 16, 2019

Moving from Denmark to Washington DC was a big step for Jeppe. He and his wife had never been before. Jeppe and his wife immigrated in 1998, after he was offered a job at the world bank in Washington DC. “It was like walking into an ocean blindfolded. You could either swim and survive, or you could drown.” Although he was aware of the risks of moving to the U.S., he was excited to start a new chapter in his life.

“I was offered a job in three places: Paris, Frankford, and America. Paris would have been awesome for a while, but the job wasn’t the best. Frankford was the most relevant but not very different or exciting. America was perfect, a new place, a new adventure,” he explained to me. I asked if he ever regretted the decision to move to the U.S. and he replied, “I got a call from the people at the world bank in D.C., hoped on a plane, and stayed in America for just under 72 hours before I went back [to Denmark]. As soon as I got back [to Denmark], I talked to my wife, we agreed to move, and started to pack up our things a week later.”  Jeppe constantly goes back to Denmark to visit family and further explore uncharted territory inside Denmark as well.