The American Dream

"Here and now, this is my home."

Adeline K.

Eunjoo Kong

December 16, 2019

Eunjoo Kong had no intent of actually staying when she first left her home in Korea. All she planned in America was a quick trip to visit her sister, and then some friends in California, but she couldn’t help but fall in love the moment she stepped off the plane. As she described how she saw this country for the first time, it was like she had truly been gazing through her very own rose-tinted lens. She described the people, telling of the diversity and yet unity that she saw everywhere she went. In California, her second destination after a trip to Michigan to see her sister, she described a student’s paradise, full of colleges and jobs that promise way more than her current position in an advertising firm in Korea. According to Eunjoo, the hardest part of the trip was being “young and curious,” and she had trouble not committing to the move right away.

The last straw, according to her, was when she met her then-future husband peter. After falling in so deep in love with someone in America, she just had to make the move. And she said she never regretted it. She left me with several sentiments, my favorite of which was: “When I am here, I am home.” She has so much to love here in America, and so many great things back in Korea, which she frequently visits, that she has never once regretted that change that she made.