My Story, Their Story, Our Story

"From an immigrant's perspective, learning about the English language wasn't just about the words, it was learning the experience behind the words."

Gio K.

David Kang

December 16, 2019

Having a perfect American accent, if you wouldn’t know the amount of Asian he had to him. 1979. Possibly the most important year in my dad’s life. At only six years old, he moved from Korea to the United States, with his whole family his parents and two siblings. Having the courage to leave everything behind, your whole life and family is a huge risk to take. Coming to a new foreign country, not speaking their native language, feeling left out of something bigger.  Leaving the familiarity behind and going somewhere where you won’t feel welcome. 

The chance for a better future. So much at stake, my dad’s family willing to give up everything. Not speaking English in America is a great way to be made fun of. Constantly being reminded of your aloneness and feeling as if you are in a prison with the walls being the language barriers. Not being able to talk to anyone, listen to anyone, ending the communication that you never had in the first place. Wondering why in the world your parents would make you go through this hell. Finally understanding that you left somewhere comfortable and familiar to make some impossible dream come true.