Not Your Ordinary Mandarin Teacher

"The first thing really shocked me is when I hear the ambulance..."

Sasha S.

Lily Shang

December 16, 2019

Ms. Shang.  You know, the new mandarin teacher.  She has shoulder length layers of dark hair that bounce with her bubbly personality.  I’m sure you’ve seen her. But do you know Lily Shang? The Lily Shang that loves road trips and creating “fusion food, might taste disgusting.”  The Lily Shang that loves an abundance of flowers around her. The Lily Shang that loves to hike and mountain. The Lily Shang that doesn’t yet know how to swim, shh.  The Lily Shang that has two kids, Zoey and Buddy (if you consider dogs children).  

The Lily Shang whose first impression of the US is not one us Californians can relate to. “I did red eye flight. The straight flights 13 hours from Beijing to LAX.  When I landed here, that was …um… nighttime. It was very dark and it was probably 7pm around. When the person picked me up I feel like, oh my god, the traffic is amazing.” 

The traffic? Amazing? I had to know more. “The first thing really shocked me is when I hear the ambulance, the siren, on the street and everyone moved over,” she recalled while staring off into the clouds as if her past lie above her, “I never had this experience before.  I think it’s really cool.”

Lily never imaged living the America, she never imagined becoming a teacher, and I never imagined hearing someone call traffic amazing, but according to Lily Shang, “I just go with the flow,” and that’s exactly what she does.