The Class of 2019: Where They're Headed 

Simmons University

Zara A. 

Pitzer College 

Deijah​ B.

Ryo G. 

Annie L. 

University of California San Diego

Sarah B. 

Pepperdine University 

Sharilyn K. 

Connecticut College 

Micaela M. 

California Institute of Technology

Sarah A. 

Iyla R. 

Sarah Lawrence University 

Jane A. 

Quyen M. 

Beatrix ​Z. 

University of Wisconsin

Aleen B. 

Ohio Wesleyan University 

Sophia B. 

Jay S. 

Santa Clara University

Alex P. 


​Fordham University

Dalia R. 

Tufts University

Salomé A. 

Caroline N. 

Emerson College 

Lucy B. 

Olivia N. 

Stanford University

Rachel H. 

Macalester College

Oona L. 

​University of Oregon 

Christine P. 

University of Mississippi

Katrina P. 

Boston University 

Amy S. 

Kaley PK

Madeleine ​P. 

University of Georgia 

Hayden ​W. 

University of Richmond

Lauren ​B. 


University of Pennsylvania

Chloe ​D. 

Kallie P. 

University of Chicago

Ashley F. 


Haverford College 

Sophia K. 

University of California Berkeley 

Sissi L. 

University of California Santa Cruz 

Elise ​N. 

Lucy K. 

Hanne IH

Sophia M. 

Frances F. 

​Syracuse University 

Faith P. 

University of Edinburgh 

Mia B. 

Trinity College Dublin

Ava ​C. 

University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Kate C. 


University of Colorado Boulder

Lauren G. 

University of Southern California 

Bailey G. 


​Clark University

Sam JA


University of California Santa Barbara 

Helena KS


​University of Washington

Caroline R. 

Harvey Mudd College

Hannah B. 

​Chapman University 

Hannah L. 

Mason G. 

​New England Conservatory

Lydia P. 

ArtCenter College of Design

Elizabeth W. 

Oberlin College

Melissa B. 

Lena G. 


University of Illinois

Summer G. 


Williams College

Zia S. 

Lewis & Clark College

Frances S. 

Smith College

Katherine A. 


Tulane University 

Nicole G. 

New York University 

Ronni H. 

Maya D. 

​Babson College

Ashley L. 

Washington University in St. Louis 

Haley P. 


​Claremont McKenna College

Kimi A. 

​St. Olaf College

Zellie O. 

Brown University

Paloma S. 

University of California Davis 

Isabella L. 

Barnard College

Olivia MK

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Molly M. 

Cornell University

Gabriella P. 

Rhode Island School of Design

Audrey W. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kaitlin Z. 

University of California Merced 

Sarah L. 

The Seniors' Final Confessions 

"I still don’t know what CAP is."


"I live on the same street as an English teacher. Almost every day, I end up in front of them on my way to school so I am forced to pretend I follow driving laws."


"My friend and I have always wanted to release wild animals on campus. We would number them 1 and 3, so the faculty would spend the whole day looking for number 2. Too bad we don’t have senior pranks anymore…"


"The integrity posters have made me more tempted to cheat than ever before."


"I get super anxious whenever I eat in the PAC lobby/library/fish room/any classroom but I can’t ever stop myself or repress my gluttonous urges so I just do it anyway."


"One day I stole an integrity poster and brought it to my house. I smashed the glass with a hammer and spread kerosene over the frame. Then I placed it on my hibachi grill and set it on fire."

- Anonymous students from the class of 2019