Baking a Better World takes an Entrepreneurial Approach

Sixth Graders selling their homemade baked goods for their Baking a Better World project.

Hailey T.
By Hailey T.
April 23, 2019

This year, Georgette Awad, sixth grade math teacher, decided to spice up the sixth graders’ annual bake sale, Baking a Better World. While the girls still baked treats and raised money for the organizations Peruvian Hearts and Friends in Deed, they concluded the project in a different manner than usual.


Instead of selling their homemade cookie mixes, the sixth graders gifted them to someone important in their lives as a token of appreciation. Abby P., ’25, gave her mix, along with a cookie cutter and a handwritten note, to her friend with dwarfism. Her friend is soon to undergo a procedure, and she will be wheelchair-bound afterward. “I haven't seen her in a while. We’re supposed to meet every year, but she couldn’t make it the last two years, and I wanted to give her a gift,” Abby explained.


Along with the gift of gratitude, the girls toured the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI).  LACI works with startup companies on the development of clean technology. “We wanted [the sixth graders] to know that the startup company is run by entrepreneurs who are mostly women. It pushes women into the fields of business and STEAM,” Mrs. Awad explained. Students also visited the Department of Water and Power and toured the latest innovations in water and energy renewal.


“I was really proud of my class for accomplishing such a big project,” Tanvi C., ’25 stated. “Seeing LACI inspired all of us to continue with our hard work.” In total, the girls raised almost $1,600 for Peruvian Hearts and Friends in Deed.